Networking and Computers


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Thin Client PCs:

With Thin Client technologies, user-experience isn’t the major change, energy and expense efficiency is. Learn more…

Blade Servers:

Blade Servers cut costs, space requirements and energy consumption. Learn more…

Storage Keep your data safe, keep it available:

With the ever increasing need for greater storage capability, technology has made great strides in the last few years in terms of capacity, performance, reliability, and maintainability, meaning less down time for your business. Learn more…

Achieve Higher Energy Efficiency through Abacus’s Networking and Computer Solutions

Heat out of place costs money. In the server room it’s a double whammy. You spend money both generating heat and money getting rid of heat.

Abacus takes a careful look at your existing IT environment and helps you plan and optimize your IT environment for energy efficiency. We’ll look at your physical server infrastructure and design a solution to give you the most value for each dollar you invest. With modern servers and low voltage processors, things run cooler and cheaper, and are less prone to failure.

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