Blade Servers

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Blade Servers Make Sense

A blade server is a high-density alternative to conventional server. A blade enclosure houses multiple modular circuit boards known as blades- each of which is an actual server itself.

The blade enclosure relieves the individual blades of many of their needs by handling all the power, cooling and networking requirements for the blades. By centralizing and consolidating these tasks in the enclosure, each individual blade server is much smaller than traditional servers. Because of this density, you can have more than double the servers in the same space as traditional servers. In other words, you can cut the space required to store, manage and cool your servers in half.

Blade Servers are Efficient

Traditional servers have components that are bulky, heat producing and space-consuming, duplicated across multiple computers that may not even be performing at capacity. By consolidating these services and sharing them between multiple blade servers, the overall utilization is more efficient as the redundant energy and space consuming components are eliminated. Less energy consumed, less CO2 produced. But that’s not all.

Blade Servers Cut Costs

Blade servers save you money and save the environment.  Consider the facts:

‣ The average server consumes 234 KWh of electricity per month

‣ The annual cost to power the server is $300

‣ A server room with 50 servers costs $15,000 per year to power

‣ A blade server cuts power usage by 30%

In addition, due to blade servers’ compact design, you can cut 75% or more from your cabling requirements, resulting in less cabling cost as well as reducing troubleshooting time.

A Comprehensive Network Approach

Blade Server networks integrate seamlessly with Storage Area Networks and Thin Client PCs, creating a robust, lightning fast network. Request your Environmental IT Assessment today to find out how we can help your network achieve this high level of efficiency.