Thin Client PCs

Thin Client PCs, also referred to as “slim” or “lean” clients, are named after their design- all but the most basic components have been removed out and their functions delegated to the server.  Ultra-fast gigabit connections, running faster than general PCI Buses and many client hard drives, convey input and output from the client to the server for processing and storage.

Why are Thin Client PCs efficient?

By loading only a user-interface and a networked operating system on each thin client, they are smaller, less expensive per-seat than full computers and require less energy to run. By using server-based services for running office applications and storing data, a few servers can free the strain on many clients, resulting in reduced waste and efficient system management.

Thin client’s advantages are continuing to grow: the cost of hardware is falling, but the cost of IT personnel, energy, and waste disposal are rising. With a properly arrayed Thin Infrastructure, you get all of the benefits of a conventional network- centralized data storage, easy data back-up, and security- with easier administration and more efficiency. Combined with Blade Server technology, your network will become a lean, efficient business asset.

What about User Experience?

Due to the high speed connections of a Thin Network, user experience will be very similar to their experience with “Thick Client” Computers. Power software technologies allow each user to have a dedicated, personal partition on the server known as a Virtual Machine.

With thin technologies, user-experience isn’t the major change, energy and expense efficiency is.

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