Electronic Faxing

Fax server technology allows for greater functionality for faxing. Fax server technology has all the basic functionality of a multifunction system, but adds greater productivity features. Abacus can provide your organization with flexible, high performance enterprise class faxing for your business today.

Some of those features include the ability to electronically manage all your fax documents in one, easy to use interface, route documents to multiple locations based on the phone number dialed, reduce the number of telephone lines your company uses but increase the number of fax lines and many more features. For medium to high volume fax applications, these features allow for greater productivity and lower costs for faxing in any organization. In addition, fax servers can be tightly integrated with multifunction systems to allow for better end-user experience.

Additional Fax Server Features

Whether your fax system is from a standalone device, multifunction systems, or fax server, some of the features that your organization will benefit from are as follows.

Routing Incoming Faxes

The most common scanner in the world today is a fax machine. As a fax machine user initiates a fax, he or she is simply putting that document in a scanner for transmission. This document can either be printed on your fax machine in your office, or the electronic version of that document can be captured and routed to the location of your choosing. This can be routed to an email address, a folder on your network or even automatically indexed and routed directly to your electronic document management system.

Multi-Tasking Access

One of the largest concerns with any multifunction device or fax machine is what to do if the device is being used for another function. If the device is being used for copying or printing, how will that affect an inbound fax. With a fax server, you can have your documents routed to a printer or multifunction system and it is simply treated as another print job in the queue.

Multiple Line Support

In many cases, high-volume faxing applications require more than one line. Traditionally, the approach would be to have two separate fax machines available for your users. Many multifunction systems now have the capability to incorporate a second line in the same system. This prevents the need for multiple fax machines in any given location. Fax servers can manage more fax lines that fax machines and multifunction systems. Simply added a new fax card and some minor software updates can provide an enhanced level of multi-line support.

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